Mascarpone - cream cheese for special occasions

Mascarpone is a soft fresh cheese from cow's milk, of extremely milky white colour and silky creamy structure, like the finest pudding.

According to some people, mascarpone does not belong to the cheese family at all because its production is similar to the process of curd or yoghurt production. Mascarpone has a high fat content, around 75%, and the consistency varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, sometimes it is as soft as cream, and sometimes as hard as butter.

It is most commonly used in the preparation of many top quality Italian desserts, such as tiramisu, zabaglione and different creams, various sweet dishes, creamy cakes and cheese cakes. It is also delicious when served as standalone with strawberries or wild berries, and by adding some fine liquor, cocoa or coffee, it turns into a real decadent dessert. In Italy it is often used in savoury spreads, with the addition of anchovies or salted sardines, mustard and herbs, and sometimes it replaces butter or Parmesan to thicken the risotto.

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The story of origin

Mascarpone originated in the Italian province of Lombardy, the area southeast of Milan. Data indicate that it appeared already in the late 16th century. As for the name itself, there are several theories about its origin. One says that the name comes from the original product mascarpa, which is obtained from the whey of ripe stacchino cheese, or from mascarpia, a dialectal name for ricotta. Since it is sometimes also called mascherpone, there are speculations that the name could derive from the family name Mascherpa who had an estate called Cascina Macherpa halfway between Milan and Pavia.

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