How to enjoy in Président Mladi Kajmak

  • Ideally: A piece of bread or buns and spoon of kajmak - anything you no longer need
  • Bohemian: A piece of bread or buns, ham and spoon of kajmak
  • Traditionally: Bun, burger and tablespoon of kajmak painted on both sides of bread
  • Family: Full table of various goodies and packing of President Mladi Kajmak
  • Shyly: White broth with vegetables and spoon of kajmak
  • Almost Vegetarian: Fresh peppers stuffed with shredded cucumber, tomato, cabbage and spoon of kajmak
  • Boldly: Stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls with a big spoon of President Mladi Kajmak
  • Creative: A slice of bread smeared with kajmak and topped with honey