Irresistible creamy taste – Président Cooking cream

Président cooking cream is ideal basis for the preparation of various sauces that give a compelling flavor to meat dishes, all kinds of pasta, potage and soups.

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Dukatos sour cherry vanilla – the best pair

New love is on the horizon! This summer, all lovers of Greek type yogurt will fall in love with Dukatos. Subtle vanilla aroma and refreshing sour cherry will become a favorite pair of sweet moments every day. Its creamy texture will add a special charm to appealing fruit desserts such as ice cream or smoothies.

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Tropical bites with Dukatos pineapple passion fruit

This spring, the ideal blend of recognizable creamy texture of Dukatos Greek type yogurt and a seductive aromas of pineapple passion fruit bring tropical tastes in your home.

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New devine delight - liquid Dukatos

After successful launch of Dukatos natur last year and launch of Dukatos almond pistachio, Dukatos strawberry and Dukatos tzatziki this year, which fascinated consumers across Serbia in a very short time, we have decided to take a step further and to make you happy with liquid Dukatos.

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New Dukatos flavours – almond pistachios and strawberry

This season, creamy and rich texture of recognizable Dukatos yogurt has been enriched with new flavours – Dukatos almond pistachios and Dukatos strawberry.

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Dukat Dukatos 400g


All fans of Dukatos, who consider a 150g package too small, will now be able to enjoy their favorite flavour, because Somboled prepared laaarge package of this Greek type yogurt.

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President Edam i Gouda 250g

President Edam and Gouda in 250g packs

Good news for all gourmets and lovers of good cheese! President Edam and Gouda so far available only in delicacy sections now can be find in convenient pack off 250g.

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President - Sitan sir

Président Fresh cheese – light and fresh!

Made from the highest quality milk, Président Fresh cheese is low-fat fresh cheese with mild and neutral flavor. It has only 10% fat content and its neutral flavor makes it ideal for both sweet and salty treats.

Président Fresh cheese can be found in 400g packs, which keep the freshness and quality of the product even after opening.

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Dukat Brzo&Fino pavlaka za kuvanje u boci 500g

Brzo & Fino Cooking cream in a bottle off 500g

Brzo & Fino Cooking cream is now available to all cooking lovers in a bottle off 500g. Besides is being a practical, HDPE bottle provide to the product better protection and ensure his quality.

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Dukat sveže mleko

Dukat fresh milk, homemade milk!

Originally from selected, finest, local farms, rigorous quality control at every stage of production with the highest standards, all preserved nutrients in the finished product - these are all synonyms for Dukat milk, which Somboled represents to you with great pride!

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Dukatino - sweet and nice!

Delight your little ones Dukatino dairy dessert rich in vitamin D, necessary for calcium absorption, which protects the heart and makes bones stronger and healthier.

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Muffins with Président Young Cream

Korpice sa President Mladim Kajmakom i suvim vratomHot muffins and Young Cream, combination to be desired. We recommend that you try this recipe, so the combination mentioned above turn from desires to reality. Bon appetite!

Dukatos sticks with garlic and sesame

Dukatos štapići sa belim lukom i susamomDukatos yogurt goes well with dough so that you can easily make Dukatos sticks following this recipe. Add garlic and sesame for complete flavour. Try it!

Grains with Dukatos Greek yogurt and fruit

Granola sa Dukatos grčkim jogurtom i voćemHealthy, fresh, light meal. Whether you are planning a breakfast, or to treat yourself or guests at any time, this combination of Dukatos yogurt, granola and fruit can be turned into a treat reserved only for moments of enjoyment.

Ice cream with peaches and yogurt Dukatos

Sladoled od bresaka i DukatosaThis refreshing treat could easily brighten up the summer for you. Easy to prepare and after that long enjoyment with your favorite fruit and Dukatos.

Greek salad

Dukat recepti - Grčka salataGreek salad is the usual side dish of each good Greek meal! Thanks to the benevolent Mediterranean climate, Greek gardens are rich in delicious vegetables, that are the foundation of a healthy Mediterranean nutrition and an essential ingredient of Greek salad. The choice of feta cheese makes a difference from salad to the salad, so choose the finest feta cheese - President Somborska feta.

President Mladi kajamk & Standardizacija srpske nacionalne kuhinje